CS56, Winter 2018


num ready? description assigned due
lab00 true Getting Started Thu 01/18 04:00PM Wed 01/24 05:00PM
lab01 true Tools for java development Thu 01/25 04:00PM Wed 01/31 11:59PM
lab02 true Polynomials Thu 01/25 04:00PM Mon 02/12 11:59PM
Midterm Exam E01
proj00 true First look at Legacy Code (counts towards lab grade) Thu 02/01 04:00PM Fri 02/09 05:00PM
proj01 true Legacy Code Next Steps Thu 02/15 02:00PM Wed 02/28 11:59PM
Midterm E02
proj02 true Finishing up Legacy Code project Thu 03/01 04:00PM Wed 03/14 11:59PM
proj03 true Leaving a Legacy (counts towards lab grade) Thu 03/15 11:30AM Thu 03/15 06:50PM
proposal01 true Proposing a new legacy code project (optional) Tue 02/06 12:15PM Thu 02/08 11:59PM


num ready? description assigned due
h00 true HFJ 1,2: Java basics Tue 01/16 11:00AM Thu 01/18 11:00AM
h01 true HFJ 3,4: Primitives, References, Instance Variables, Methods Tue 01/16 11:00AM Thu 01/18 06:00PM
h02 true HFJ 5,6: Random, ArrayList, first look at the Java API Tue 01/16 11:00AM Mon 01/22 09:00PM
h03 true HFJ 7,8: Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstract Classes Tue 01/16 11:00AM Tue 01/23 11:00AM
h04 true HFJ 9,10,11: Constructors, Statics, Exceptions Tue 01/16 11:00AM Thu 01/25 11:00AM
h05 true HFJ 12: Intro to Java GUIs Thu 01/18 06:00AM Thu 01/25 04:00PM
h06 true HFJ 12, 13: More on GUIs (UPDATED) Tue 01/23 11:00AM Fri 01/26 11:59PM
Midterm E01
h07 true Serialization (HFJ 14) Thu 02/15 11:00AM Tue 02/20 11:00AM
h08 true Threads and Sockets (Networking) (HFJ 15) Thu 02/15 11:00AM Thu 02/22 11:00AM
h09 true Data Structures (HFJ 16) Thu 02/15 11:00AM Tue 02/27 11:00AM
h10 false Packages and JAR files (HFJ 17,pp. 581–595) Tue 10/31 02:00PM Thu 11/02 09:30AM
h11 false HFDP: Chapter 1 Wed 11/01 02:00PM Mon 11/06 05:00PM
h12 false Observer Design Pattern (HFDP 2) Tue 10/31 09:30AM Tue 11/07 09:30AM
h13 false The Decorator Pattern (HFDP 3) Wed 11/01 02:00PM Wed 11/08 05:00PM
h14 false The Decorator Pattern (HFDP 3, part 2), and the Open-Closed Principle Thu 11/02 09:30AM Thu 11/09 09:30AM
Midterm E02
h15 false The Factory Pattern (HFDP Ch 4, Continued) Tue 11/07 09:30AM Tue 11/14 09:30AM
h16 false Parsing Tue 11/07 09:30AM Wed 11/15 05:50PM
ic00 true Pair Partner Picking Planning Tue 01/16 11:00AM Tue 01/16 12:15PM
ic01 true Interface vs. Inheritance Tue 01/30 11:00AM Tue 01/30 12:15PM
ic01 true IC01 Handout A
ic02 false Interface vs. Inheritance Thu 02/01 11:00AM Thu 02/01 12:15PM
ic02 false IC02 Handout A


num ready? description exam date
e01 true Midterm 1 Tue 02/13 11:00AM
e03 false Final Exam Wed 03/21 12:00PM


See also: LECTURE* repos from https://github.com/ucsb-cs56-w18

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